Emergency Beacon LED Light Replaces Warning Triangles

Product Description

Emergency led light, approved and endorsed by the new DGT regulations, has the function of alerting other drivers in the event of an accident.safety light with Lantern mode, Batteries included.

Product Details

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● Product overview:
Emergency LED safety light V16
DGT authorized, 3pcs AAA Batteries included
Two modes: Emergency Flash Mode and White Lighting mode
Has an intensive amber triple flashing light that covers 360°. 
It is visible from more than a kilometer away.
It has magnetic plate and integrated hook, can use the device with both hands free.

● LED Road Flare Description:

  1. 1.12 PCS super bright LED bulbs, working life is more than 15,000 hours;
    2. lighting covers 360 degree direction, visible for up to 1 miles away;
    3. High endurance even rolled under a car;
    4. Back with strong magnets, can be attached on iron surface;
    5. Shatterproof, and water- resistance; IP54
    6. Two buttons control Flash function and COB inspection.
    7. 0-8 degree angle,lighting is 40-80CD
    8. With high capacity AAA battery,working time:
    100% power:0.5H,200ml(0 min)
    50% power:1H,100ml(0 min)
    9.other parts:Magnetic/Hook/Non-slip mat

● Specifications:

Material: ABS

Color: optional

Emission Source: 360 degree; solid state, no filament

Operating Temperature: -40 to 100 degrees C (-40 to 212 degrees F) Flash

●Product Parameters:

Item Weight

120g(not included)

Product Dimensions



3pcs*AAA,Maxell brand



Bulb Type



6 volts



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