GPS signal device approved by the DGT

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V16 emergency light replace the emergency triangles,with magnetic base, and amber flashing has lP54 protection against rain and dust.

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● Product overview:

BALIZA V16 Connectado

Luz de emergencia V16 geolocalizable
The V16 is an accident pre-signalling device, It is a small beacon that is equipped with connectivity and is capable of emitting a 360º high-intensity light intermittently and continuously for at least 2 Hours.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, we can activate it in a matter of seconds, preferably placing it on the roof of the vehicle. At that moment, in addition to emitting the warning light signal, it will connect to the DGT 3.0 platform to transmit its location in real time and warn other road users of the situation.

● Technical Specifications:

  1. LED Color


    Lamp type

    High-intensity LED

    Battery life

    18 months


    Manual with push button




    >40 candelas

    Wind resistance



    360 degrees horizontal,+/- degrees vertical


    Between 0.8 and 2Hz

    Operating temperature



    Approximate 2H

    Power supply

    3 AA alkaline batteries,LR6 type,Maxell brand

    Card type 

    Nano SIM(valid until 2038)

    Type of mounting

    Magnetic plaste

    Operating range

    1km distance

    Reference directives

    Homologated by DGT


    Transmission bands

    Band 20 and Band 8

    Maximum transmission power


IoT connection to keep you geolocated:

With this emergency light you can feel safe in case of any breakdown or accident.

The NB-IoT technology that it features provides a special coverage allowing to operate in places with poor signal. It incorporates a GPS and a prepaid Nano SIM, valid for more than 12 years (activable before 2026 with validity until 2038), which will automatically notify the authorities and report your geolocation to other users through DGT 3.0 connection.

Maximum visibility for greater safety:

The amber light that it produces is visible up to 1 km away in 360°, so it not only protects you by providing visibility, but also other drivers to avoid possible accidents. You can easily attach it to your vehicle or on the road crash barriers thanks to its magnetic plate. Because safety is the most important thing on the road.

Validated by the DGT:

This safety light is validated by the DGT and is presented as the definitive alternative to the emergency triangles that, along with all emergency lights that are not officially validated, will no longer be valid from December 31, 2025. Stay up to date with the regulations thanks to the Challux Beacon Light IoT and dispose of this connected alert mode.

Easy to use:

The method of use is very simple. The device has 3 indicators: illumination, battery and power off. Rotate the device’s top towards the illumination indicator to turn on the light. To change the battery, simply rotate the safety light’s top towards the battery indicator and uncover it. It works with 3pcs AA alkaline batteries (included) . To turn the device off, simply rotate its top towards the off indicator.

Rainproof and dustproof:

This safety light features an IP54 rating, which means it is both rainproof and dustproof. It offers a wind resistance of 180 pascals, which on a practical level is A new emergency signal in case of breakdown or accident has arrived thanks to our V16 Challux Beacon Light IoT with NB-IoT technology. Validated by the DGT and featuring a Nano SIM card with unlimited data until 2038 and integrated GPS to be able to warn the authorities and report your geolocation automatically. It features a magnetic plate to keep it attached to your vehicle or the crash barriers on the road. The light that it generates is visible up to 1 km away and at 360°. It is very easy to use and works with 3pcs AA alkaline batteries (included). the equivalent of the wind generated by a hurricane.


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